2013 is already shaping up to be a great year for Central Iowa entrepreneurship.  Last week, we saw our first startup graduate from SCDSM, Meidh.  Today we have a number of announcements to share with you about StartupCity in 2013.

1) Becky Mollenkamp (@beckymollenkamp), our iconic and incomparable City Manager, moved to St Louis to further pursue her writing career.  As any of you who have read her work (or midnight tweets) can attest, she has a natural gift in writing and while we are sad to see her move, we are really looking forward to her new work.  Please join us in wishing her well!

2) After 28 months of speaking with Midwestern startups about what they need, StartupCity is pleased to announce that we are going to be expanding our charter to include ‘part time’ startups, or entrepreneurs that are dedicated to building their startups but can’t yet pursue that goal full-time.  These entrepreneurs are pursuing their goals in the mornings, or afternoons, or evenings, or weekends, but also hold down full-time jobs elsewhere. We have already accepted applications for companies that will be joining us in the near future in this part-time capacity, so stay tuned for the follow-up announcements.  Startups can transition to full-time status at any time. If you are a startup looking for mentoring, community, and space, go ahead and fill out the application on our site.

3) In addition to expanding to include part-time startups, we are also expanding the scope of the startups we encourage to apply.  For the first 16 months of StartupCity, we have focused exclusively on Information Technology startups.  During that time, we’ve received consistent applications and interest from biotechnology and manufacturing startups, given the depth of industry, education, and workforce experience in those sectors in the Midwest.  We are now opening the doors of StartupCity to startups in those sectors, effective February 1st.  We will be expanding our roster of  mentors to include mentors with expertise in Advanced Manufacturing and Biotechnology (green/red/white) based on what the startups need, and you’ll see us hosting more events for those sectors as well.

We will be making a number of additional announcements soon.  Lots of exciting things planned for 2013 and beyond.