A little more than a year after opening its doors in downtown Des Moines, StartupCity announced today the first graduate of its program. Meidh Tech, one of the incubator’s six original residents, is departing StartupCity as it prepares a nationwide rollout of its property management technology solutions.

“Helping our resident startups mature to the point of outgrowing our program is the ultimate measure of our success,” said Christian Renaud, co-principal of StartupCity Des Moines. “Meidh Tech’s successful graduation from StartupCity demonstrates that incubation can be incredibly valuable for startups.”

Draper said Meidh Tech entered the incubator as consultants who wanted to create a software company but weren’t sure how. During the 15 months they spent at StartupCity, Draper and his team acquired the skills and knowledge needed to be successful.

“We entered StartupCity because we took an inventory of where we were as a team, where we wanted to go, and realized very quickly that—while our industry needs the innovations we are creating—we did not have the skills needed to be a software company,” says Chris Draper, Meidh CEO.  ”Meidh Technologies still has a few hurdles in front of us, but these are no longer insurmountable.”

In addition to continuing his work with Meidh’s national launch, Draper will also serve as director for the Indianola + Simpson College Entrepreneurial Development Initiative (iSc.EDI), which opens next month. The iSc.EDI will build teams of professionals that can turn technological innovations into the next generation of StartupCity applicants.

Meidh’s departure from StartupCity is not the only recent change for the technology incubator. Last month, a new startup was accepted into the program, keeping the total number of in-house residents at nine. Founded by Ryan Morrison, PosterZen will allow users to quickly and easily create custom posters using online templates.

StartupCity Des Moines is an invitation-only incubator that brings startups and mentors together to develop early-stage technology oriented businesses. Active mentoring from serial entrepreneurs, targeted education, and constant collaboration with peers creates an energetic environment in which startups can thrive and grow.