presentioAs was announced on Christian’s (my) personal blog,, my personal startup, is being ‘turned off’.  As you have undoubtably heard me say and seen me write on multiple occasions, startups are hard as hell to begin with, much less as a part time vocation.  There are a number of reasons that I believe that I failed at getting critical adoption of the solution, and I will be sharing those Friday afternoon (the 1st) at 3pm at StartupCity in a ‘Startup Wake’ so we can all learn what worked and didn’t work.  It was a fantastic, painful, expensive, and educational learning experience for me, and I want to be able to help as many other entrepreneurs learn from my failure as well.  I hope you can join me.  Whiskey will be provided.

This marks our first ‘failure’ at StartupCity Des Moines, and it’s both humorously ironic that it’s one of the founder’s startups as well as a bit sad.  We all know the statistics that nine out of ten startups will fail to achieve momentum, and as one local wag said to me last week “Well, only eight more to go and then you get a success!”  I want to step forward during this rather awkward and uncomfortable time and share the learnings (good and bad) with the community. Only by recognizing that risk, failure and experimentation is how all progress is achieved will we gradually de-stigmatize all three, and encourage more entrepreneurialism.

I hope you can join us.