Singly co-founder Jeremie Miller stopped by StartupCity Des Moines today to lead a lunch-and-learn session. He shared his journey from writing games for the Apple IIe in elementary school to later co-founding Jabber, the open technology for instant messaging.

A self-described hippie who grew up reading Popular Science and watching Dr. Who, Miller dropped out of college to work for an Iowa-based ISP, where he developed a passion for protocols. After Jabber, Miller worked as a consultant and with a variety of startups. In 2010, he started his current project, Singly, which is focused on aggregating social data for developers. Singly is based in San Francisco and Miller commutes between the office and his home here in Iowa.

“I wasn’t about to pick up my family and move there,” Miller said. “I’ve always been committed to raising my kids in Iowa.”

To see Miller’s entire presentation, which included talk of everything from funding to farm robots, check out our YouTube channel.