6 months of StartupCity on Silicon Sixth passed this weekend.

You’d think the StartupCity Des Moines crowd would’ve normalized by now.  There’d be a routine, a standard, a rhythm.  Best I can tell, however, the rhythm is strangely like Morse code, in Mandarin, over Wi-Fi.  In other words, there is something very new everyday.

Today began with a visit to the Capitol to formally announce the OpenIowa initiative with the Lt. Governor.  Though the press-conference is well documented in media today, we were joined by a Confederate at the steps. 

Return to SCDSM resulted in cleanup of the messes left during last week’s events, followed by a deep dive into VC and angel investments with one of the SC residents.  Lunch was an informal working meeting on organizational structure while a lunch and learn delivered methodology on mission and vision.  Mike Colwell showed his massive spreadsheet application for building materials calculations (all columns, up to IV had formulae for a very very complex app), we uploaded data to Openiowa data site , were joined by Des Moines Partnership for a one-on-one with Brian Hemesath, a resident of StartupCity and CTO of Tikly and welcomed more visitors and guests.

Tomorrow is guaranteed to be nothing like today – mentor sessions with startups, upload more data for OpenIowa, host a pitch-off for students from Central College, evaluate applications for residency in StartupCity, discuss the nuances of Facebook and Google ads for a campaign, comment on code, financing, and strategy.  Most certainly debate something new.  Meet someone new.

Then again, all startups might be in at 7am, coding till sundown…………nah!