Flash Drives Needed for Partner Uganda

Schools in Uganda are now required to educate children on technology.  Unfortunately, City Secondary School does not have the technology they need to provide a proper education to their students. City Secondary School is a school for middle to high school aged Ugandan students.  Most of these students have never been able to work with…
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Lunch and Learn: Turn That Frown Upside Down: Tips and Tricks to Managing Difficult Clients

Join us today at noon for a Lunch and learn presented by Bob Sorensen and Clair Williams of SevenVerbs.  They will be sharing their approach to re-framing the problem of “difficult clients” into an opportunity to renegotiate communication styles and bring team members together. Their presentation will provide an overview of a handful of such…
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Happy Easter from Hatchlings: Letter from the CEO

Dear Hunters, It’s been a busy year at Hatchlings and we’ve been working our bunny tails off!  Since last Easter we’ve released over six hundred new eggs, held nine special events, answered five thousand customer supper tickets, and served over five billions eggs to players from around the globe. We’ve also expanded the Hatchlings brand…
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Get involved: Central Iowa’s next entrepreneurial nexus

During March and April, we held a series of town hall meetings to discuss what infrastructure is needed for the tech entrepreneur community moving forward.  This was driven from earlier conversations about the September wind-down of StartupCity Des Moines and the voiced concern by a number of members of the community that the community would…
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Lunch and Learn with Matthew Nuzum

Last week Matthew Nuzum, Usability Analyst for John Deere ISG, stopped by to talk about the things you SHOULDN’T do in order to get the best results from your usability testing.  You can check out his presentation here.