At StartupCity Des Moines, we know that you are thinking of ideas outside conference rooms, often while daydreaming in the cubicle.  Excited to talk to anyone about your dream, you are seeking out others who may see your passion for the ideas percolating within you.  But before you apply to our incubator, we want to be sure your startup is right for us…and that we are right for you.  If you can check ‘yes’ to all of these questions, then please hit ‘send’ on your application.

  • Is your startup focused on a technology solution?
  • Will your founder work on this project full-time?
  • Are you open to guidance from mentors?
  • Will you eagerly participate in peer-to-peer learning?
  • Are you (or will you be) located in the Des Moines metro area?

Once we receive your application, we will devote attention to the data in the form.  If the idea seems promising for our portfolio, we will schedule a conversation with you to briefly validate your idea one-on-one.  From there, you’ll be invited to meet the StartupCity team to present your idea and answer questions.  This isn’t a pitch to a venture capitalist, it isn’t a job interview, and it certainly isn’t a sales pitch.  We just want to know why you believe in the idea and why you are uniquely positioned to take it to the world.  Expect us to quiz you, question you, challenge you.  We aren’t here to steal your idea but rather help you develop it.  All are here on the honor system and none will sign an NDA.  If you feel that NDA is critical for your idea, an incubator is probably not for you.  If we can work with you, we’ll let you know and move on to paperwork (legalese is limited, but necessary).  The only costs of working within the community are the sharing of a sliver of equity in your company and paying your share of the utilities.


Can SCDSM and my company have a first date?

This form captures some of the data we need to get ready for a first date -- our first meeting. It tells us a little bit about you and where you might be in the product development phase. It also helps us prepare for a meeting with you and your co-founders and see if there is a future for SCDSM and you together.
  • No pseudonyms please - real first and last name
  • We communicate primarily via email - and founders don't hide behind hotmail or yahoo.
  • ell, Google voice, OOma, landline - we don't care -- give us where we can reach you.
  • Your Company Profile

  • Doesn't have to be legally registered yet - the desired name is good enough
  • just a list of first and last names is good enough
  • What are you planning to produce? This information will be shared amongst the StartupCity principals and possibly one or more mentors.
    We are focused on those companies that are intending to work full-time on their endeavors. It doesn't mean 8-5, but rather a commitment well-past moonlighting.
    LLC, S-Corp, Sole-prop., etc.
  • tell us about your degree(s), professional blog/post if any, publications etc.
    Startupcity residents work at our offices during their entire tenure. Please do not apply if you are planning to work remotely, are outside the Des Moines area and can't move or other reason.
  • Your product

  • The typical user who will use your product (M/F, age group, etc)
  • Have you made equity commitments to friends, family, co-founders, angel investors, etc? Do you intend to make others in the near future?