StartupCity Des Moines is a business incubator serving early-stage tech companies. Our goal is to deliver assistance and resources to pre-market, pre-money, pre-employee businesses focused on products in the technology, bio-tech, and advanced manufacturing space.  The biotech and advanced manufacturing companies in their design and prototyping phase will find the environment conducive to agile exploration and development.  We are currently working on potential partnerships that can support wet labs, 3D printers, and physical prototyping equipment.

When a company joins our incubator, they become part of something larger without sacrificing their independence. Our open environment fosters collaboration among young companies, while respecting the independence and self-reliance of entrepreneurs. Our culture supports risk taking, innovation, and the creation of wealth.

We select our portfolio companies carefully, ensure that portfolio companies are not competing with each other, put them in touch with the right professionals at the right time, and help them build their businesses to the point of sustained revenue, customers, and a plan for the future.

We are not prescriptive. We won’t impose an arbitrary incubatory period, hand you a check for a random amount of cash, tell you to work with our favorite attorney, or even point to a desk where you’ll work. Companies participating in the StartupCity program are committed to building their business — full-time, part-time or double-time.

Our environment is like a Montessori classroom. There are no cubicles. We have a large, flexible open space full of people who are building and creating. We are constantly talking with each other, bouncing ideas around and refining them. Our space has a constant hum of activity with events, mentors, local business leaders, politicians, venture capitalists. We are here to learn from each other and our mentors, and you can’t do that from behind a closed door.

 We just want you around full-time, building, breaking, rebuilding, testing, deploying, marketing and succeeding. Surround yourself with other creative, geeky, suave, and social builders and just build!